cat eyes

alexa chung in UK vogue. need i say more?

(photos tfs)




after doing some daily fashion mag perusing, i've decided that purchasing the following will greatly improve my daily outlook on life... at least temporarily:
- turquoise eyeshadow: we're talking seriously bright and blue-green.
-a black romper: it must flawlessly go from day to night and fit my never-ending torso.
-the perfect red lipstick: a classic deep, red shade that won't have me resembling a circus clown.
-a pale colored clutch: this one is exactly what i'm craving right now. and its on sale.

(pic from modelcouture)


givenchy. omfg.

strongly considering working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to afford these. i die.

(pics givenchy f/w 09 from style.com)


let them eat cake

suddenly craving a tiered taffeta gown, obnoxious baubles and the perfect, ratted messy bun... now to find a place to wear it all.

(photos from vogue italia)



daily dose of inspiration

curing the mid-week blues with a heavy dose of tights... feels appropriate with the sudden cold streak that has me donning nylon for the first time in months.

(photos from modelcouture)