the deal

Welcome to closet space (or lack thereof depending on how you look at it). Though my closet would lead me to believe that I have no room for further fashion related purchases, the best and most dedicated style-obsessed gurus know that a closet is never too full, there is always room for expanding and reinventing. slash clearly I just need a bigger closet.

I currently find myself in limbo: I just graduated from college in december and am now living at home with my parents until I can save up some money and move my ankle-boot clad feet to a city where I can wear whatever I want without getting strange looks. Until then I'm stuck in sunny Sarasota, Florida where wearing black tights is considered strange and Lily Pulitzer runs wild. Needless to say I'm a bit out of my element here... and I'm desperately missing layers, knit hats, and fur trimmed coats. 

Enter: closet space, my new sanctum of sanity in a fashionless town. 

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