spring break mentality

living in florida gives the illusion that i'm perpetually on spring break: the weather is beach-worthy 95 percent of the time, palm trees everywhere, and flips flops are the most preferred and socially accepted form of footwear donned by most inhabitants. Unlike most floridians, this michigan native still clings to her ankle boots and black tights when the weather even so much as hints at being under 65 degrees. however, it has officially become that iconic time of year for people who choose to live outside of the tropical bubble: spring break. While i only graduated college a mere 2 months ago (wow it feels like longer) i almost feel like i'm too old to try and blend in with the plethora of college kids now invading my town. Luckily, my best friend jesse comes in two weeks to visit therefore giving me license to indulge and appreciate the beach bum lifestyle. Until then i'm depending on these pictures to help put me in the spring break mindset.
(all photos from modelcouture)

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