constants in my life


1. lusting over things i can't afford
2. loving all things with exposed zippers
3. coveting all things givenchy

...did i miss anything? oh yeah, the inevitable sequence of longing sighs that i contract at the thought of how amazing it would be to attend fashion week someplace other than in front of a computer screen with "style.com" written atop the models' heads. right. sighhhh.

(photo stockholmstreetstyle)


katharina said...

love these amazing shoes

Sofi said...

Haha you crazy girl ;) No to be serious, I do London, so much better then the tiny place i called home in Sweden. However my favorite city in the world is Sydney, so pretty and I loved having all the beaches around

Thanks for the compliment on the look of the blog, I really appreciate it :)

Also, the shoes are gorgeous, love the contrast of the soft colour and the studs, wouldn't mind wearing them at all!

TheMinx said...

gorgeous photo and I love your header. Also, exposed zippers are always love :)