studs and hangers




so it's saturday and i'm at work contemplating spending my entire bank account on the alexander wang tina zip clutch. needless to say the following items are on my mind:

1. this studded bra-top-corset-hybrid thingy is beyond amazing. seriously playing around with the idea of going to a craft store, loading up on studs and attacking one of my black bras.

2. saw this shirt on dirtylittlestylewhore and i have not a clue where it's from or if its even possible that i can purchase one, however, i'm kinda obsessed with it and that natasha poly layout. and ice cream. and sparkly things. its kinda the best of 5 worlds.

3. i love the idea of a wire hanger tattoo... however, i thinking about getting one on my left wrist versus the back of my neck. i suppose my sharpie skills are going to have to suffice until i actually take the plunge.

4. today's mood in visual form courtesy of alice rosati... complete with black wedges.

(photos boubouteatime/dirtylittlestylewhore/tfs/alicerosati)

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