miami snapshots





a handful of fashion party pics... this purple skirt is so obnoxious and i love it: clearly american apparel. clearly made to be worn in a place like miami beach.

things i learned this weekend:

1. the snacks in the fountainbleau hotel rooms are on censors. translation: if you lift the overly poshed black bag of potato chips off said snack stand for longer than 20 seconds you will get charged even if you don't actually open or ingest aforementioned chips. lame.

2. i'm OBSESSED with nutella. great, one more chocolate related item i'm going to have to wean myself off of slash work off at the gym.

3. that i love love LOVE my new american apparel circle scarf in black tie dye. autumn, where are you?

4. miami clubs are insane. and i don't like "house" music.

5. sweet potato fries dipped in ranch = heaven.

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