so i figured i should probably give a little 411 about myself, it being a lazy sunday and all. so here's a little list of random things about yours truly:

1. i love dressing in all monochrome ensembles. black, white, grey, navy, and ivory dominate my closet and probably make the small percentage of color feel inadequate. if my closet had a theme song it would be colorblind by counting crows.

2. i love knee socks/tights. the knee sock obsession comes from my clueless obsessed days of living in pleated mini skirts and lace up oxfords (i think i was about 10 when this started). and the tights obsession started when i was abroad in london. suffice to say that any gam specific coverall is essential and smile inducing in my book.

3. favorite show: gilmore girls. while there may be a plethora of other shows i watch on a daily basis and love, the writer in me is somehow always amazed by the incredible banter between rory and loreli. and i would secretly love to move to stars hollow.

4. food obsession: anything mint/chocolate. mint chocolate chip ice cream, peppermint tea, mint bailey's in hot chocolate, chocolate mint tea, peppermint mochas, andes chocolates--you get the idea. i'm obsessed.

5. boots. i think this unhealthy worship began my junior year of high school after seeing the fall 2002 rtw michael kors lace up boots with scrunched cashmere socks. ergo why i now live in booties, over-the-knee boots, sandal-bootie hybrids, mid-calf gladiators, etc. there must be some kind of boot influence or i'm not interested.

6. autumn is my favorite season fashion wise (and weather wise--there's something about vibrant brick red trees that makes me giddy) but i love early winter as well. the first few pretty snow falls, the heavy fur lined coats and cashmere gloves, and--of course--christmas. its always been THE holiday in my house to celebrate hardcore--we take our christmas decorating and celebrating VERY seriously: including but not limited to real fraser fir trees, tons of twinkle lights, cozy fires, really good food and cheesy xmas movie marathons. i especially love the music: churchy and retro alike.

7. rainy weekend mornings: this is pretty self explanatory--i love sleeping in when the conditions are perfectly conducive... and when under my comforter is the quintessentially cozy temperature.

8. london: i studied abroad there in 2007 and have never loved a city so much in my entire life. the tube, the shopping, the accent--ugh, just talking about it is making me nostalgic.

9. singing. yes, i sing. i was put into my church choir at the age of 4 and the rest is history. i was a total thespian in high school and college but now i mainly stick to karaoke bars and small gatherings usually involving bottomless wine. typically i'm a norah jones rendition kinda girl. its the one activity in my life that never ceases to make me incandescently happy.

10. being crazy organized: i seriously think i'm borderline OCD due to the level of organization and list making that ensues on a regular basis (case in point). did i mention my closet is color coordinated? i suppose it keeps me sane and makes me feel like i have control on one aspect of my life even if everything else is going to hell in a hand basket. this is probably how my moleskine compulsion started.

i suppose that's enough for now... back to watching gilmore girls on soapnet and drinking mint tea-- damn i'm predictable. happy sunday.

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